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Are you embarking on a boating excursion? Do you meal ideas for your outing?

The Outdoor Epicurean makes a splash with “Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters. boat Food provides a wide selection of meals and appetizers that can be prepared and transferred or completed on the boat. This wide selection of recipes, from Roasted Red Pepper Polenta Tarts to Spice Cake, will satisfy every hungry boater. Margaret Amoroso Blackwell offers a delicious assortment of meals to meet the occasion of  every outing.  This comprehensive collection of over 350 delicious recipes has been adapted to cook and enjoy with the water as a backdrop.  Recipes have been developed for a small floating kitchen. Basic galley equipment and ingredients are all you need to create exotic food with minimum fanfare. Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters infuses a relaxed philosophy that reaches from galley to the dining table or your lap for an informal, leisurely, or romantic escape.


  1. Can’t wait to make this. Need some roasted red bells. Will the ones in jars work?

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