Assateague Island Foal

If you could have a keep sake memory, what would it be? If you could think of something out of the ordinary as a birthday present, what would you ask for? Are you a nature lover? I know you like the outdoor otherwise you would not be visiting a blog dedicated to the outdoors and food. I had the gift of a lifetime when this foal was born here on Assateague Island on my birthday. My enthusiasm has not ceased.

Assateague Island Foal

Assateague Island Foal

The Assateague Island Alliance (AIA) will have a contest to name the foal. If you have any suggestions, please post them here and I will forward the name to the AIA.

The horses on Assateague Island have a wonderful history. I first discovered the island when my children were growing up. Not far from Ocean City, Maryland, this island possesses the mystery and isolation few places in the US offer. The horses are said to be the result of a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean many years ago. The horses swam to the safety of land. The state park was dedicated in 1965. The park is maintained by the state of Maryland and volunteers.

The horses were on the beach this morning. A national island park ranger was documenting the new foal when I decided to take this photograph. I used a zoom lense to get this shot because I did not want to intrude on the pair. Captain Rick and I watched the from a distance at the two as they got to know one another. I silently congratulated the new mom and whispered Happy Birthday to the foal.This was a “first” for me.

Do you have any “firsts” that you would like to share? Please share them with us.


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