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spinsheet2aPress releases are a great way to advertise without spending money. Your only investment is time anc creativity to “get the word out” about an event or product. They are can be as fairly simple to complete and can be as creative as you are. Press releases have not evolved over the years but the method of spreading the information about the press release has. Emailing your press releases to the editor’s desk in a newsroom has been added to the traditional mailing. This benefits both the sender and recipient where the editor can cut and paste the information in to an article.

Microsoft Word has several templates for press releases that are free of charge. Choosing the correct format is the key to professionalism and ultimate success. In other words, you do not want the press release to look like it is a prefabricated press release. I would recommend fine tuning the press release to fit your event or product introduction.

I created a press release when my cookbook, “Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters” was published. Having worked in a newsroom in Washington, DC for many years, I was familiar with the layout and intent of a press release. In short, it is a snapshot of what you are promoting by informing your audience in as little words as possible. Quite simply, keep the press release short and simple.

Fine tuning the press release is not difficult. Focuing on what you are promoting is the most difficult part. If you are passionate about your event or product, it will be evident in your press release.

Let’s get started on creating your press release. An example of this could be a new company start up. In the preparation for the company, a logo would have been created. If not, get to work. Logos are the identity of your company and a signal for your seriousness and creativity. Do not rush this but remember, you can change it as your company evolves. For ideas for logos, check out the vista print website.  You can create various marketing tools but they also have logos you can use. If you purchase business cards with a logo, you can use the logo with other marketing tools.

The next step is design the format of the press release. Will the press release have a formal appearance or will it be less dramatic. For my Boat Food cookbook press release, I chose a extremely generic press release format. The idea is to use the press release as a foundation and build from there. I cut and paste the jpeg file of my logo on the cookbook cover as the graphic for the press release. This was an issue I fretted about because I wanted my company to be highlighted as the source of the cookbook yet I wanted to get the cover out in the public for the wow factor. So, the cover won out. I did insert a tiny weensy logo with the contact information.
The content of the press release needs to start with who, what when and how of the release date of the event or product information takes place. I used “For Immediate Release.”

Next comes what is called a “hook.” A word or words that catches the readers eyes. For public speaking events or art opening, it could be the name of the speaker that leads the press release. I chose the hook from the back of my cookbook.
Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters
– Recipes from the Outdoor Epicurean –

Are you embarking on a boating excursion? Do you need meal ideas for your outing?

This grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to read further.

The body of the press release should tell the reader the important facts about it’s subject. I used the information from the back of my book.

The Outdoor Epicurean makes a splash with Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters. Boat Food provides a wide selection of meals and appetizers that can be prepared and transferred or completed on the boat. This wide selection of recipes, from Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Polenta Tarts to Spice Cake, will satisfy every hungry boater. Margaret Amoroso Blackwell offers a delicious assortment of meals to meet the occasion for every outing. This comprehensive collection of over 350 delicious recipes has been adapted to cook and enjoy with the water as a backdrop. Recipes have been developed for a small floating kitchen. Basic galley equipment and ingredients are all you will need to create exotic food with minimum fanfare. Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters infuses a relaxed philosophy that reaches from galley to the dining table or your lap for an informal, leisurely, or romantic escape.

Lastly, comes the information for the readers of the article. Pertinent information about where the reader can either buy the product.

Contact information including day time phone and email address.

Book Orders Shipped at No Charge
MSRP 28.99
ISBN: 978 1622 954292
Available at:

I sent out 50 press releases and thus far have had 3 placements. I am thrilled with the results. Please share your experiences with promoting your product, event or publication. We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, get excited!


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