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Sugar Cookie Mix + Apples = Curious Reader

Do you ever wonder how you could use cookie mix for something besides cookies? There is a way for you to prepare buttery delicate crust with minimal fanfare. The ingredients are literally in the bag. Read further and I will show you how. Apple Tart 1 Package Sugar Cookie Mix 1 stick unsalted butter, melted […]

A New Ingredient For Mole Chicken is Smoked Saigon Cinnamon

Did you ever linger in front of a spice display? Have you ever found a new ingredient and wonder what to do with it? Did you search the internet for recipes containing the ingredient and did not find one? This is what happened to me recently when I discovered Smoked Saigon Cinnamon manufactured by Mc […]

The Key to Home Canning is Patience.

Does anyone really can fruits and vegetables anymore? Have you ever wondered what to “putting up the harvest” means?”  There’s a way to preserve fruits and vegetables with a few simple steps. The key to canning is to make sure you follow the instructions to sterilize the jars and food. Here’s a way for you […]

How to Get Free Advertising

Press releases are a great way to advertise without spending money. Your only investment is time anc creativity to “get the word out” about an event or product. They are can be as fairly simple to complete and can be as creative as you are. Press releases have not evolved over the years but the […]

National Tortellini Day

On February 13th, we celebrate National Tortellini Day, an annual celebration of this versatile Italian pasta. It is a favorite among adults as well as children who like the shape because it is easy to eat. Tortellini is a ring shaped pasta filled with meat, cheese or nuts. It can be used as an ingredient […]

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

In Maryland, we are preparing for a lot of snow. This winter has been harsh for most Americans. After a day of cold weather there is nothing better that a cup of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. There are as many variations of grilled cheese sandwiches just like there are variations of chili. […]

Spin Sheet Magazine

Spin Sheet Magazine has featured Boat Food in their February issue. Follow the link to read. We are excited! Magaret

Double Chocolate Cookies

Melted chocolate and almonds create a moist, plump cookie with a chewy texture. This recipe uses Duncan Hines packaged chocolate devil’s food cake. The cookies can be portioned and placed on a cookie sheet, frozen, and baked at your convenience. 1 package Classic Devil’s Food Cake Mix 2 large eggs ½ cup vegetable oil ½ […]

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