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outdoorliving108222013Niche audiences and target marketing go hand  in hand.  Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters fills the need of the niche audience of boaters. It contains meal ideas and recipes for audience of people that love the water and outdoors.  The reason I wrote Boat Food is simple. I wrote it because I could not find a cookbook that I could use to  prepare meals for my charter boat captain and the sailors.

Niche audience are specific in nature. For example, boat are floating second homes for some sailors.  Meal ideas and preparation should be designed for a floating kitchen.  Ingredients on hand are the ingredients in the finished dish.  There is no running to the grocery store if you need something.  This said, I wrote Boat Food with this concept in mind.

Targeting an audience is like giving a speech to a certain club. Knowing who you are writing for gives you the voice you need to convince your audience of your ideas.  This concept is what keeps me coming back to the computer with fresh ideas. Targeting an audience is like opening a specialty shop.  Just as aromatic coffee can be found in bistros, books are written for someone special who like certain concept, be it a mystery or biography.

If you have any thoughts on how to target audiences and marketing a product, please share.  We would love to hear from you.

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