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I am a big fan of motivational speeches. You know, speeches that create a stir in your heart and nudges your mind into thinking.  There is a  speech that was written by Russel Conwell in 1887 that has not lost its relevance.  Yes, lives were hectic even back then.  The speech speaks of taking a personal moment and be grateful for what we have.

As I stated in an earlier post, I am getting up an hour early each day to write and think. Like you, our mornings are hectic. We plan what is for dinner before we serve breakfast. We throw a load of laundry in the washer to get ahead of the massive laundry pile. We promise ourselves that we will become more organized when we are looking for a missing school library book.  Lets face it, it is hard to catch  your breath before you head off to work.  

So on the way to work this morning, when I am sitting in traffic, I am making an effort to think of all that I have and be thankful.  I will try to settle my mind before I head into my classroom to teach and nurture my students.  Yes, I am going to take a personal moment.

We all have a lot to be grateful for. We just need time to think about it.

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