Happiness is a State of Mind

sunrise january 17 2014

I decided to get up with the sun today. The past few weeks, I have waited to the last minute to get out of bed. My days have started on a frantic note so I made the conscious decision to change this. I also have a lot to do this morning.

hunter january 17 2014

The dogs were happy. Hunter, who is not very vocal, let out a howl of happiness when he heard me preparing his meal. He was happy. I realized at that moment that happiness is really a state of mind. Its neat what we learn from our pets.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have the drama that I had yesterday. It is making the decision to how I will respond to it is how I am going to change. You see, until now, I was letting myself be controlled by how I perceived situations. My thinking is if we expect positive results, we will get positive feedback.

For some of us, this will be a big change and require a commitment to this change. The self fulfilling prophecy of doom takes place when we let it. But I figure, all I have to lose is the drama in my life. We have control over our situations. It is how we respond to it that will change.

So I am grateful for the beautiful sunrise and hope my enthusiasm continues. I have to make the decision for positive thoughts to continue. Optimism can be learned.

I think I will play with my dogs.
Take care,
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