Early Marketing Plans

I remember the day I decided to write a list of who I would sell Boat Food to. After Boat Food was published, I was under the misconception that Boat Food would fly off the shelves without much effort.  I thought my publisher would have clients waiting for the book hot off the press.  The day of the release, my husband joke that the press corp were waiting at the front door.  Little did i realize that I am a little fish in a big pond of cookbooks.  I needed to solidify the who, what, and where my company was headed.  My goal is brand and name recognition. Along with that is selling my book. My success was my and only my responsibility. But you know what? I could not be more happy with that.  This is the reason why I started The Outdoor Epicurean and wrote Boat Food.

So, I take baby steps forward. Yes, they are tiny baby steps but they are steps going forward. I am keeping my cost of operating low by working out of a spare bedroom.  It is functunal and free of distractions.  I wear all hats which is fairly simple because I have one employee.

I am learning a lot about myself in the process. For instance, I really enjoy cold calls. I wrote a script of what I wanted to say and practiced it until I was comfortable. The script is enhanced as the phone call progresses but the jist of the conversation is the same… How can I create a relationship with people who share my love of food and boating.  Boat Food is very well written, has delicious recipes with instructions that are easy to follow. When people see the book they are curious. Most boaters are looking for new and creative meal ideas for their outing.

My marketing plan was nothing fancy, as a matter of fact, it was a bulleted list on a yellow legal pad.   I did not call it a marketing plan. It was my list of how I would go about creating awareness for myself as an expert and Boat Food.  I needed to get organized because I was going in too many places at one time. I needed to focus.

The list is by my computer and I am still working on the first item listed.  I plan on taking my time to get the word out one letter at a time.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for marketing a new idea, please share it with us and don’t forget to link us to your website.



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