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bwtypewriter042013When I started Bobeetza’ Kitchen in 1994, the marketing world was slightly different. Social media marketing and news feeds did not exist. With Boat Food, I am taking the old school way of marketing for the time being. Yes, The Outdoor Epicurean has presence in social media with Facebook, Pinterest ,RSS feed and Twitter. I have chosen writing blogs and media kits to test my marketing ideas.

This might sound old fashion but I look for guidance from invisible mentors.  Entrepreneur Magazine has columns written by expert, seasoned business people who know how commerce works. One article that I read recently,“The Single Most Important Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs”  whose goal was to inform us that punctuality is the one habit that every entrepreneur should strive for. Being on time shows the person who is waiting for you that you respect their time. When people I am meeting are late, it tells me that I am not important enough for the person to fulfill a previous established appointment. There are more examples on how this could affect the way you do business.

After I read the article, I made a conscious effort to be punctual in all phases of my day. I set up a game plan for my day and stick to it. The cell phone is on silent and and I screen calls. This affords me with uninterrupted time to get the sales I want for Boat Food and make money.

Last week, I chose to take a hiatus from writing in order to work on selling my cookbook. In an effort to expand my market base, I decided to single out one sector of the market that I what to inform and ultimately sell Boat Food to.  I decided to contact yacht clubs. After I searched the internet for “Maryland yacht clubs”  I discovered a wealth of information. But I needed to back track because I did not have what I needed to send these clubs. I fabricated an information packet which included contact information including my cell phone number, a freshly written press release, bulletins for newsletters or bulletin board, recent press coverage and the recipe and photo for “Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Polenta Tarts”.

OK, you are now asking how I knew to make a presentation package. I took the “what is the result I want mentality” and worked backwards. For me, the end result is sales and making money. Then I put myself in the position of the person who was responsible for making sales decisions for my contact group. After giving serious thought to any questions that may present themselves, I provided the answers with information.

That’s it.  My week will continue fulfilling my schedule.  I already have a review copy in an envelope labeled and it is just past 7 AM.  I will see you on Thursday for an update.

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