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Taxis on 7th Avenue at Times Square, New York CityHi. As I continue my journey as a recently published author of Boat Food, I hope to achieve raising awareness of how simple marketing ideas can translate to book sales.  I am frequently asked by fellow authors how I go about marketing my cookbook, “Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters. My philosophy on marketing is, if you don’t give your hunch a shot, you will never know if it worked. So, I continue to piddle along with brainstorming ways to get my name out there. Notice, I stated my name. Name recognition, I believe, is the key here. When customers visit bookstores, they generally ask for the book by author’s name. Since, I plan on writing more than one cookbook, I want my name to associated with boating and food.

With that said, I started to visualize where I could find hungry boaters. The yacht clubs was one of my answers. This process is called targeting your audience. Say, for instance, you have written a book on food allergies. If I was the author, I would Google websites that address food allergies. Then, I would enter the chat rooms. Here is my suggestion. Read the discussion boards and do not comment until you have understood the atmosphere of the discussion board. Discussion boards are not for whining about your book sales. (We’ll get to that in another posting.)

My first Google search was for Annapolis area yacht clubs. There were numerous and so I visited websites and emailed contacts listed. Inclusive in my email were free recipes, a picture of the finished dish, informational bulletin for the club’s message board and a copy of Boat Food’s cover. I did receive several response: some wanted printed brochures; others wanted review copies. I enthusiastically fulfilled these requests and continued with my inquiries. When I was done with Maryland yacht clubs, I ventured to Washington DC clubs. You get the idea.

This was my game plan….I decided on the outcome I wanted to achieve before I got started and worked my way backwards. Since I wrote Boat Food with a specific target audience, locating the boaters is just a matter of looking. I realize there will be a lag time between my efforts and sales, but I am slowly spreading my name as the go-to person on the subject of boat food.

Please continue to read trade journals and visits websites such as” target=”_blank“>entrepreneurship magazine website for inspiration.

Tomorrow, I will address how what I learned about the library talking circuit. If you have any marketing tips you would like to share, please let us know and remember to leave a link to your page.
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