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Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Polenta Tarts

Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Polenta Tarts Polenta has a sweet corn base and solidifies as its cools. The smoky, red peppers emphasize the sweetness of the corn. The tarts can be made at home and transported to boat in a preheated, wide-mouth thermos or insulated container. They are delicious served warm, room temperature, or cold. […]

Research Tips

Transforming my business ideas from paper to reality is something I truly enjoy. The process is like painting, one stroke at a time. This weekend, I decided to investigate the process for selling Boat Food to the US Navy. The first step was becoming a vendor for the US Naval exchange. Since I am a […]

Early Marketing Plans

I remember the day I decided to write a list of who I would sell Boat Food to. After Boat Food was published, I was under the misconception that Boat Food would fly off the shelves without much effort.  I thought my publisher would have clients waiting for the book hot off the press.  The […]

Marketing Strategies

Hi. As I continue my journey as a recently published author of Boat Food, I hope to achieve raising awareness of how simple marketing ideas can translate to book sales.  I am frequently asked by fellow authors how I go about marketing my cookbook, “Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters. My philosophy on marketing is, […]

Writer’s Corner

When I started Bobeetza’ Kitchen in 1994, the marketing world was slightly different. Social media marketing and news feeds did not exist. With Boat Food, I am taking the old school way of marketing for the time being. Yes, The Outdoor Epicurean has presence in social media with Facebook, Pinterest ,RSS feed and Twitter. I […]

Local Charter Boat Woman Publishes Cookbook

Hi and welcome back. Below you will find the transcript for the Fox 45 news broadcast for Boat Food.

Recipes for Smooth Sailing

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  Below you will find the link to a recent newspaper article that was written about yours truly. Photo courtesy of The Capital Gazette Newspaper

Let’s Start Baking

Every holiday season, my daughters and friends gather in my kitchen and have a holiday baking day. Weeks in advance, I begin to purchase the ingredients that I will need for the cookies. I discuss the cookie recipes we will bake with my daughters and then get ready to bake. Most grocery stores at this […]

Fudge Rum Balls

Luscious, melt in your mouth fudge is shaped into 1 inch balls and coated with a sugary pecans. These fudge balls ship well as they are not as fragile as some cookies. They stay fresh for overseas mailing. Last year, I made 2 batches and sent them overseas to my niece who is serving in […]


Getting consistency with the end result of baking cookies can be challenging. I came across these tips before I hosted my first cookie exchange years ago. Thought just about now would be a great time to share. Good luck…. Flat: If you want your cookies on the flat side, you can do some or all […]

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

These cookies are moist and their texture is chewy. Individually wrap each cookie in plastic wrap and store in a resealable plastic bag.  This will make the cookies easy to pack for lunches, where ever the lunch box happens to be. Enjoy.     1 package Spice Cake Mix 4 large egg whites 1 cup […]

Savory Nuts

Nuts are a great go to snack.You can add or subtract ingredients such as dried cherries, coconut or raisins. Pack this up in a reusable container and pop it in your lunchbox or purse for a healthy and nutritious snack. 1 cup almonds 1 cup unsalted cashews 1 cup pistachio nuts 1 cup peanuts 1 […]

Rocky Road Brownies

Rocky Road Brownies are Rocky Road Ice Cream’s cousin! These chewy, brownies hold up very well for school time snacks. I make the brownies the night before school and let the brownies cool to room temperature. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. (This is an extra step but makes for easier cutting.) Use a […]

Smoked Venison Sausage

Welcome to deer season. As you may remember, I grew up in New Jersey, a Jersey girl. Living just outside of Manhattan, deer hunting and making smoked venison sausage was not something that my family experienced. In the 1990’s, I lived in Eastern Europe, Romania to be exact. Butchering was something that was always done to prepare […]

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