Teamwork is the topic of my posting today.  I believe the desire to help one another is developed as we grow as a person.  My experience over the last two days has emphasized this.

While doing a search on the internet, I discovered that my website was hacked.  Someone had injected code in my header as a plugin for a cigarette ad.I am OK on the techie side of the computer but this one stumped me.  I have been busy with my new cookbook, Boat Food: The Cookbook for Boaters.  I thought the timing of this was terrible but life happens.

I called, my internet server company.  I told them of the situation and they took their time to find out what the problem was.  An hour later, after disecting all of my files, they found the culprit.  They removed the plugin and all was well.  But it gets better… the person at sent me an article that described the hacking.  They sent me the link to the webpage. I was amazed at the extra steps took. I could not have been more pleased with  my experience.

For those of  you who have been experiencing the same hacking, here is the page I was sent.  The plugin that was infected was

Kevin found this link that you may be interested in:

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