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Is it just me or are school lunches getting boring to pack? When school began, I was gone ho on packing delicious and visually appealing lunches. I enjoy planning a meal the kids would enjoy in my absence. O.K., let’s be honest, I have no idea if my nutritious lunches were traded for a candy bar. Unless I am going to volunteer everyday for cafeteria duty, I will never know. Of course, my children would never speak to me again either. Cafeteria time is special. This is when the students eat and socialize while regrouping for the day. I think it is similar to our 3 o’clock coffee or tea break. Just a little kick to get us ready for the evening. I love coming home from work to see the family. But, yes there is a but, the house does not run on its own. I consider running a home similar to running a small business. Laundry, cooking and cleaning have been delegated to the extent they can be. Packing lunches is on the chore list. But I am a realist. A child, who has just left the soccer field, is not the least bit interested in making their lunch for the next day. This is where my stand by of peanut butter and preserves come into action. Please share some ideas you have for making lunches more interesting. In the meantime, I will continue to my research on creative lunches. Until then,

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