The last hummingbird of the season visited the last bloom on my geranium. How do I know it will be the last time the hummingbird comes to visit for the year. Well, for one, geese have shown up. This the first sign the seasons are changing. We had a hard frost last night which my geranium’s flower did not survive. I brought the plants down our basement where they will rest for the winter months.
While down in the basement, I realized I had not brought up the amaryllis plants. amaryllis06172013

I love watching the plant blossom with snow on the ground. In an earlier post, I offered instructions on how to use socks to prepare your amaryllis for summer storage. Well, it worked again this year and we have a healthy plant, full of buds to prove it. Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us about winter plants? I am still looking for ways to have my paper whites bloom continually over the coarse of several weeks. No matter when I plant them, they are bloom at once. Any advice would be appreciated. Until then,

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