Old Fashion Book Writing

Old fashion book writing is how I went about getting Boat Food published. There is software available but I feel old fashion book writing is more romantic. People have asked my technique so I have decided to blog about old fashion book writing as a blog subject.

What is old fashion book writing? I am not taking about using a typewriter. Ha! I would need cases on white out. They do still sell that, right? I am talking about taking a look inside of yourself and deciding what information you want to share.

How I came about old fashion book writing happened by chance. Honestly, I did not know software was available? As you might be aware as this point, I am a rookie when it comes to technology. But, I persevered
despite life challenges.
My first step was to educate myself on the art of old fashion book writing. In my next blog post, I will share how I went about this. In the meantime, reflect on what it is you want to share in writing a book the old fashion way.
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