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It is worth your time and energy to write a book proposal. A book proposal is your first impression to a potential publisher. In the competitive world of publishing, this could provide you an edge in the market. There are probably hundreds of book proposals that come across a publisher or agent’s desk each month. It is for this reason that your proposal needs to shine above the rest. Think of your book proposal of a bright star that catches attention of a publisher. (Yes, I can be corny at times.)

Your book proposal is a mini version of your book. The book proposal relays your concept to a publisher who thinks it is worth the risk. It costs a lot of money to get a book on a shelf. If a publisher does not think your book will sell, it’s over. This is why I have stated that your book proposal must be excellent. The blueprint of your book proposal needs to be organized and well written.

I took me three months to get my book proposal written. I have other responsibilities, like the rest of the world, but every free moment I had, I was working on it.

The format of a book proposal is like writing a term paper. I will break it down for you:

Title Page: This is the first impression a potential publisher has of your writing skills. It must include the title and subtitle (if any), name, address, e-mail and phone numbers. ( Your voice mail message should sound professional.) Yes, miniscule details are important.

Table of Contents: This is the table of contents for your book proposal. It is not the table of contents for your book. Leave out the page numbers until the proposal is complete. The table of contents should include section titles.
Concept: The concert/overview of the book proposal is written to persuade the publisher that your book will sell. What is the origin of your idea? Why are you writing a book? Why do you think your book will sell? Who are your targeted audience of readers/buyers? These questions will provide insight into your concept overview.
In my next post, we will address your biography, your marketing and promotional plan, and your competition. You need to research on this and we will share I will continue the steps for a complete book proposal.

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