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In our last post, we started a dialogue on assembling a winning book proposal. The title page,table of contents and concept overview were addressed. In case you missed it, the link is:

Author Biography is the next component of the book proposal. Guidelines of biographies should only include your culinary experience, your writing experience and you savvy business know-how. Remember, you do not need a culinary degree to write a cookbook. Honesty of your qualifications speaks volumes.

This section of the book proposal explains why you are qualified to write a cookbook. Your biography should describe your influence in the culinary world. If you have a website dedicated to food, your social media presence or a food blog, provide the link to your biography. Make it easy for the editor who is reading it.

The book proposal could include a list the cooking classes you might have taken at a community college. An lastly, demonstrate your abilities to write with examples.

A degree in Business or courses geared towards starting your business demonstrates your seriousness to the business of book writing. Remember, you are demonstrating your visibility in the food world.
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