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Author Biography

In our last post, we started a dialogue on assembling a winning book proposal. The title page,table of contents and concept overview were addressed. In case you missed it, the link is: Author Biography is the next component of the book proposal. Guidelines of biographies should only include your culinary experience, your writing experience […]

Book Proposal

It is worth your time and energy to write a book proposal. A book proposal is your first impression to a potential publisher. In the competitive world of publishing, this could provide you an edge in the market. There are probably hundreds of book proposals that come across a publisher or agent’s desk each month. […]

Cookbook Ideas

Deciding on a cookbook idea takes a lot of thought. It takes patience and perseverance to select a cookbook idea that will have a buyers market. The bottom line for the publisher and the bottom line for the book distributor is… will the book be profitable? At the end of the day, profit is the […]

Old Fashion Book Writing

Old fashion book writing is how I went about getting Boat Food published. There is software available but I feel old fashion book writing is more romantic. People have asked my technique so I have decided to blog about old fashion book writing as a blog subject. What is old fashion book writing? I am […]

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