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outdoorliving108222013outdoorliving08222013Captain Rick and I recently returned from a trip to Maryland’s Eastern shore. We were camping which meant no running water or electricity at the state park campsite we were staying at. There were bath houses and running water to wash pots and pans but for the most part, it was rustic. The campground we stayed at was full of families, retirees and young adults. The sound of laughter mixed with the sound of waves from the Atlantic ocean. It was a beautiful experience. But, it took planning. Yes, the p word. Planning for a camping trip is much like cooking. You need the correct amount of ingredients and tools in order to create something special. A sense of humor helps as well. We have camped for many years but there is generally something that I forget to pack.

Heading off to a day on the water,a tailgate party or afternoon picnic requires the same ingredients and planning as any outdoor activity. Getting away from everyday activities is refreshing. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. This is about reconnecting with the outdoors and the basic essentials can make your time outdoors special.

My advise is not to over plan. You want to enjoy the event and not stress over every little detail. Improvising is a great way of faking your way through a crisis. Start planning where and what you will eat first and work backwards from there. It sounds strange but it works. Create a simple menu and check what ingredients you have in your home before spending extra money at the store. This sounds basic but I works. You do not need to break the bank for a refreshing day outdoor. Kitchen equipment does not have to be sophisticated. Bring a blanket to sit on and relax. Outdoor living is a relaxing experience no matter where you happen to be. Please share your tips and stories with us.

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