Nature as Design


As I was preparing for an outdoor dinner party, I swept the front porch. Coffee, our 14 year chocolate lab, resides there most of the time. She loves to greet anyone who comes by. Even the postman brings her treats.

I noticed this spider web on the posts by the front steps. My first inclination was to remove it but for some reason I stopped. As I studied the spider web, I was reminded of the fine crocheting that my grandmother did. She made silk doilies. Spiders create artwork in nature. They spin their web much like my grandmother’s doilies.

So, I took a photo instead of removing it. The spider web reminded me of the delicate balance we have with nature. I deliberately planted numerous pots of parsley as I learned, they provide food for the caterpillars who become butterflies.
What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced a similar situations that you would like to share. Please do.


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