Tulips in Winter


I remember growing up of a commercial for a bath product whose byline was ” Calgon take me away”. Life does present us with moments in our everyday lives where a phrase similar to this one is used more than once.
So how do we cope with hectic lives? Being in the moment is one way. I get up early in the morning and work in the garden. Sometimes I am awake enough to bring my camera. It is on those days that I look for subjects for my photographs that I can paint later. Living in Maryland provides us with 4 seasons. So, when winter folds in on our farm, I look through my digital albums to spot a photo that can be painted.

Photography provides us with an opportunity to relive a moment in time. When life throws me curve balls, I can always look back on a blissful moment. Painting from a photograph also gives you the opportunity to express yourself beyond the actual photograph. You get crazy with paint!
Please share with us some ways that you take the time to decompress. Photography, cooking and now, painting are my ways. What about you?
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