What do you think we eat?

eggsWe have all heard the expression “You are what you eat.” For a person who painstakingly packs the lunchbox of their child, we know that we will never find out if your healthy lunch was traded for a bag of chips and a candy bar. That is unless you volunteer for lunch duty every day. I have done this and let me tell you, my children did not like it. They felt embarrass and thought I was checking up on them. Was I that obvious?

Fast forward to today,and I have discovered, through reading an AP article, that a massive project of tracking what Americans eat is being conducted out of UNC chapel Hill. The project includes diagnosing the nutritional information on the food product as well as where the food is being purchased. This gargantuan project has numerous possibilities includes fighting childhood obesity.

The good news is that the new nutritional chart will be easier to read and thanks to a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it will be integrated into a subject taught at school with the same status as reading and math.

The health of our youth is a tremendous concern as they are the future leaders of America. For more information about the study visit http://www.ap.co,/maryclarejalonik.

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