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My eldest daughter and I finally had a day to ourselves. It is a cherished time even though she lives and hour away. We are generally entertaining the grandchildren at the same time. In depth adult conversation is limited.

We ventured into town and checked out the new restaurants that had recently opened in downtown. We have made a conscious decision to support the local businesses as opposed to chain restaurants. No only is this a delicious alternative but it helps keep downtown alive.

We chose a restaurant that whose idea for existence arrived from the owners love of wine. We settled into a window seat and the waitress brought our menu. It was overwhelming with choices. My daughter chose our meal as she is very competent in dining in restaurants. I prefer to eat at home.

Our appetizer consisted of a baguette topped with brie, golden raisins and fresh herbs. It was drizzled with a local honey. It was creative as well as delicious.

We talked for hours and caught up on a lot. It is heart warming that at any age of our children, mom find it special when a child wants to spend quality time with a parent.

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