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The Outdoor Epicurean has taken a retreat to finish the editing of Boat Food, The Cookbook for Boaters. I left the everyday scene of family, pets and routines. Captain Rick and I ventured to an island off the coast of Maryland where wild houses run and the ocean waves are hypnotic.

The abode is a trailer with a small kitchen. Captain Rick is doing most if not all of the cooking as the deadline approaches and this picky writer is scrutinizing every measurement, recipe, word, and subject vowel connection! It is exciting to think that the printer awaits and this big baby is tearful and excited at the same time. If you could have seen my kitchen as this project evolved, you would have chuckled.

The internet signal is weak so I have had to walk around the island to find a signal strong enough to send this. I do not mean to make you jealous but I am sitting on a sand dune, with a towel under my laptop, listening to the waves and keeping in touch.

The best, always,

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