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April is National Stress Awareness Month.  It was launched in our Nation’s Capital by specialists in an open forum.  The fields represented were businesses, health care and government agency chiefs. An organization that sent representatives is U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance. For more information about this organization and what their mission statement can be found at their website ,U. S.Workplace Wellness

The prominent topic was workplace wellness. Researchers are increasing there efforts to inform us of the impact of chronic stress on our bodies.
The workplace is impacted in regards to commitment by the employee. But I ask, who really wants to work in a 24/7 stress out environment. Health issues could include high blood press, which could like to heart conditions and diabetes.

The corporate structure should make a shift in the culture of the business where employees are valued with more of an approach on healthcare and child care.

This being said, the employees themselves need to make a personal decision to separate the two lives they led, home and work. This takes a commitment to take serious steps towards living a healthier, less stressful life. Judy Martin of Forbes magazine has some interesting articles on this subject and you can read the articles for no cost on their website

The conversation will continue tomorrow with the subject of college stress.

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