Warmer Days

spring-flowersThe days are getting longer and warmer. I have noticed that folks have more of a bounce to their step. I believe it is because of the increase energy which we experience when we think about the hope that the season of spring brings to us.

Spring also brings us regular sport schedules that we find ourselves driving from one of the county to the other. Mealtimes are planned around the children’s schedule much like the feeding schedules that newborns bring.

As a parent who has been there and done that, I have some suggestions to make it easier for you. The first and foremost is to share the driving. If you have several children in sports, why not see if another parent can take your child and will do the same for them. I know it sounds like common sense but you would be surprised to see the one parent at one game and the other parent at another game. Doing the share of carpooling permits both parents to be at one game. You switch this back and forth and before you know it, you have a schedule that makes the whole family happy. Let’s face it, the kids look for their parents at the practices and games.

Another tip I would like to share is tailgating. On weekday nights, when my children had practice before dinner, I would pack up the dinner in a cooler and we’d eat at the practice. This relieves the stress of having to go home and fix dinner. I know I did not want to. I was pooped after playing chauffeur, team cheer leader and cook. The kids can take showers and hit the bed. You can relax.

Getting the children to get the homework done before a game can be challenging. I kept a basket with every school supply I could think of including clipboards. Home work gone done on the way to practice. What team mate would want to sit out practice because they were not finished with their homework.

Well, I need to go out and take part in this gorgeous day.

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