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I love floral arrangements in the home. My garden is the usual spot where I gather the ingredients for simple creations. This time of year, the flowers are just starting to blossom. I do not like to pick the flowers of early spring for several reasons. I love to share the “eye candy” in my garden with everyone. The everyone includes, people, pets, butterflies, bees and birds.

In place of flowers, I use ornamental cabbage that has been in the garden all winter long. If you have not grown cabbage, it is available in the produce department for a minor investment. The cabbage comes in the shades of pink, white or green. I add a few drops of food coloring to the white cabbage to obtain a hint of color in the cabbage pieces.

To make the arrangement is simple. Trim the bottom of the cabbage so that it sits flat in a bowl. Place the cabbage in the shallowed filled centerpiece dish with water. You can use the trimming of the cabbage to fill in any open spaces in the centerpieces.

If ornamental cabbage is not your cup of tea, take advantage of the seasonal flowers and vegetables, group them together and add some tea candles. Please let us know if you have other approaches to unusual centerpieces.

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