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I can remember the time before computers. Yes, I am that old but I do not act it! I amazed how technology has taken over our lives. I truly do not know anyone who does not have at least one computer in their home.

I have to laugh at my Captain. He is retired from the railroad and it was just about that time, that his employer was training the employees on the use of new technology. He was so relieved. Now, he has a website for his charter boat business and has commandeered my laptop. How many of you can relate to this?

Children have white boards in their classroom rather than chalk boards. As a former teacher, I remember on the duties on my chore list was taking the erasers outside at the end of the day, and smacking the erasers together to remove the chalk powder.

Career changers are offered training at local community colleges. This is very helpful for pre-baby boomers who did not grow up with the technology of today.

I believe it is safe to say, that the typewriter is a thing of the past in most if not all offices.

I found this black and white photo and it made me smile because it was like the age of innocence revisited.

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