Family Time

We took a break this weekend from mowing the lawns, laundry and housework. This was the last weekend before the Trophy Fishing season opens up. I will not see my Captain on a regular basis until December. I consider him fortunate to have a job that does not feel like a job. He loves fishing and has fished since he was knee-high.

The beach was deserted this time of year. The wind was blowing out of the northeast. The girls asked for us to hold to them so they would not blow away. Of course the girls feel asleep as soon as the truck engine started our trip home. It was quiet time and I was enjoying the moment.

I feel in love with my Captain all over again as I watched him teach the girls how to jump rope. He was on one end with one twin holding the rope and the other trying darn hard to get it right. It made me heart go pitter patter.
Family relationships need tender loving care just as a plant needs water and attention. I find myself getting caught up in “stuff” and forgetting to take a break and enjoy what life has brought me. What do you do to develop your family skills?

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