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This is first in a series in which I want to share with you easy, nutritious and inviting away-from-home meals that your children will enjoy. Home prepared lunches sends the message to your child that they are loved. It is unrealistic to think there won’t be days when your schedule does not permit the time it takes to fill a lunchbox. I am speaking of the situations when you have the time to plan a wholesome meal for your children.
My favorite time to make lunches is after the children are in bed. I can relax and focus on what the mid day meal will consist of. I place the perishables in the refrigerator and in the morning, tuck them in the lunch box before the school bus arrives. There is of course not to guarantee that your child will eat what you have lovely prepared. And you will probably never know what goes on in the cafeteria unless you volunteer for lunch duty.
A healthy lunch should consist of the four food groups of meat, grains, dairy and fruits or vegetables. I like the self-selection theory. I present healthy options to the children before I tuck them into bed and proceed to the kitchen with the choices they have made. The culprit in all of this is salt, sugar and artificial colors. We need to do due diligence to a avoid these but that step can happen in the grocery aisle. Don’t bring it home.
Lunch boxes of today are nothing like the lunch boxes when I was in school. Today’s lunch boxes are for the most part, well insulated. That being said, I always place an ice pack that has been place in a resealable plastic bag in for safety. Then of course, we have the issue of squish prevention. I used plastic containers for the packed sandwiches. It is easier to clean than if I had not pack the sandwich in a sandwich bag.
Another suggestion I have to spread butter or cream cheese on the inside of the sandwich and this will prevent sogginess.
Tomorrow, I will add to this series with recipes for a successful lunch experience.
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