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Slideshow success

For your information, I have never put together a website before. I can cook but code is beyond me. It is with trial and a lot of error, that I have a slide show on my home page. Anyone who wants to do the same, just let me know. After the time I spent on […]

Smoked Turkey

Today is an interesting day. We are getting ready for the Deale Charter boat Caption’s turkey shoot. Captain Rick is getting ready to put the turkey on the smoker. He has rubbed the interior, under and over the skin of the bird with a creole seasoning from Louisiana. A big hint is that it is […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Stir fry

Have you ever notice the vegetables in the stir fry you  order in a restaurant is always firm and crunchy.  I have tried in vain for YEARS to make the equivalent of this at home and by accident, I found out how to do this.  It does not require a lot of new equipment.  If […]

Party Prep Tip

When you need extra ice cubes for a party, I use a muffin tin.  The mini muffin tins work best.  The cups are solid so they will last longer in the glass.

Freshly Picked

Authentic Pizza Dough

Welcome back to The Outdoor Epicurean.  Today, I have enclosed my favorite recipe for pizza that is a snap to make.  Pizza dough [insert media clip ] Authentic Pizza Dough Recipe Type: Main Courses Cuisine: Italian Author: The Outdoor Epicurean Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Serves: 4 The pizza dough can rest […]

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